Warts are caused by strains of the HPV (human papilloma virus). This virus only infects keratinocytes, and it does not invade the body. Because warts are up in the top layers of the skin, your immune system can have a hard time “finding” the wart. Treatment of wart might seem simple—just cut the wart out and its gone. The problem is that the wart virus is also in the skin cells around the wart you can see. When you remove the main wart, the virus takes off from the other cells. Therefore, our treatments are really ways of “waking your body up” to notice the wart. We hope that your immune system can step in and do the rest.

Putting duct tape over standard wart treatment, and peeling the tape off after a few days, is a good way for you to try to treat the wart yourself. If you cant get rid of it that way, you can come in to have your wart treated by me. However, warts are hard to get rid of no matter what we use to treat them.