Scabies is a mite that lives in the top layers of skin. It is contagious, but not all people with the mite on their skin will have symptoms. You get scabies from people, their clothes or their bedding. Therefore you can catch them from friends and family, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels and motels, used clothing stores.

The mite is most likely to cause a rash in your armpits, around your belly button, in your groin, lower back, wrists and between the fingers. However, it can occur anywhere. It is very uncommon on the face or scalp.

Treatment includes using permethrin topically or ivermectin pills once or twice one week apart. Your household should all do the treatment whether they have symptoms or not.

The cream is put on at bedtime and washed off in the morning. Apply it everywhere from the jaw down, and behind the ears. Every nook and cranny, including belly button and under the nails.

Take all the bedding from the last three days, including shoes and jackets, and either but them in plastic bags, out in below zero temps, or wash in hot soapy water. You don’t need to fumigate the house or wash your bed, just sheets and pillow cases. However, if a family member spends a lot of time on a piece of furniture (such as a recliner), the best thing is to avoid that piece of furniture for a period of time.