Liquid Nitrogen Treatment (LN2)

LN2 is used to treat AKs (actinic keratoses or pre-squamous cell cancers), SK’s (seborrheic keratoses or “barnacles”), warts, skin tags, and other spots.

LN2 freezes the top layers of skin. At 190 degrees below zero, LN2 causes frostbite which leads to a blister.

The blister that forms is not always visible when the spot is thick, such as with a wart or SK. If you do see a blister, you may pop it, but do not need to. The top layer of the blister will dry and crust off over time. This process can take a full month (sometimes even longer), so please be patient.

If the spot is itchy, dry or bothersome you can put Vaseline or lotion on it. You may cover it with make up.

Thicker spots sometimes need multiple treatments to go away completely. Furthermore, warts are notoriously difficult to treat. Whether they fall off with liquid nitrogen or not, they often recur because they have evaded your immune system. This is an unfortunate and frustrating fact about warts—no matter how I treat them at the office, the ultimate resolution of them requires that your immune system fights them off.