Appointment policies:
We are now conducting all of our appointments in the office, no longer using telemedicine.  However because of the continued high numbers of COVID infections we are still limiting the number of visits scheduled every day to limit the number of people in the office at any one time; and we are still requiring masks.
If you are a new patient and want to make an appointment please have your primary care doctor send a referral and we will contact you. If you and your doctor feel your condition is an emergency, have your doctor contact us directly and we will make appropriate arrangements.If you are a physician sending a referral the fax number is 802 251 6023

Thank you

Dr. Jones and staff

Dr. Rebecca Jones DermatologyOur goal is to provide
for our patients and
their families: quality
care and compassion,
respect and consideration.
We wish to be a positive
influence in the
healthcare field, and
to deliver good medicine.


Our office is a “green” space; there are many features in it that are energy efficient, and the materials used are natural and do not have toxic glues or coatings.